American Dance Festival Video

American Dance Festival Video PreviewThe American Dance Festival and Video Director Douglas Rosenberg are pleased to announce a series of videotapes, "Speaking of Dance," a project to preserve the history of Modern Dance Masters.

These tapes are invaluable for their preservation of our Modern Dance legacy-which has suffered from too little documentation. the dance sequences are marked by supple camera work and a sharp sense of rhythm and contrast."

Sally Banes,
Dance Historian

Available for sale to colleges, universities, students and other interested in the history of modern dance, each piece contains interviews, performance and teaching footage, as well as remarkable stories recounted by the subjects about their lives in dance. Already completed are profiles of Donald McKayle, Lucas Hoving, Anna Sokolow, Betty Jones, Talley Beatty and others, four volumes of clips of some of ADF's best performances of the last few years and one volume of Video/Dance work created especially for the camera.

Other tapes are currently in post-production and will be released each fall. Titles will be added to distribution as they become available. Each tape is dubbed from a broadcast quality master, and is available in DVD or VHS, or PAL format. See order form for special ordering instructions.

"Dance documentaries are essential for teaching dance history. These videos by Douglas Rosenberg and ADF are of outstanding quality, an invaluable record of our dance heritage and exceptionally well-suited for classroom use."

Jenefer Johnson,
Lecturer in Dance
University of California, Berkeley

The tapes in this catalogue are already in the collections of hundreds of universities and colleges across the country, as well as the Dance Collection of The New York Public Library for The Performing Arts, The Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts and the Laban Institute in London, England. The tapes are a living legacy of the history of modern dance and an invaluable asset in the classroom.