Video/Dance Workshops and Lectures

Douglas Rosenberg is a founding editor of the newly published International Journal of Screendance, an EMMY nominated director and the recipient of the prestigious Phelan Art Award in Video. He was awarded the Director’s Prize at the International Jewish Video Festival for his film, “My Grandfather Dances” with choreographer Anna Halprin and received an IZZIE Award for his work on the intermedia project, “Singing Myself A Lullaby,” (a collaboration with Ellen Bromberg and John Henry. He is well-known for his collaborations with choreographers including Molissa Fenley, Sean Curran, Ellen Bromberg, Joe Goode, Li Chiao-Ping. Eiko and Koma and others. His most recent film, “Of the Heart” was a finalist for the Jury Prize at the Dance on Camera Festival in New York and has screened at numerous festivals around the world. His writing has been published in LEONARDO and other journals and he is the founder and director of the “Dancing For the Camera Festival of Dance Film and Video” hosted by the American Dance Festival. He has served on numerous panels and juries and is currently at work on a book addressing the theory and practice of dance for the camera to be published by Oxford Press in 2011. Retrospectives of his video work were recently screened at the Festival de VideoDanza, Buenos Aires, and the Agite y Sirve Festival of Video Dance in Mexico.

Douglas Rosenberg lectures and teaches workshops in Video/ Dance across the country and abroad. It you are interested in presenting Mr. Rosenberg at your institution, please contact him c/o ADF Video.

The Workshop

The Video/ Dance Workshop is an intensive hands-on course for the highly motivated student. It is and interactive workshop situation in which students will work together in a collaborative format to realize their individual choreographic visions in the video medium. The workshop will address the history, esthetics and practice of Video/ Dance. Curated programs of Dance For The Camera are also available.