ADF Video Catalog

Lucas HovingADFV-1 Lucas Hoving

1992, DVD/VHS 55 minutes $110

As a principal dancer in José Limón’s Company, Lucas Hoving originated roles in the “The Moors Pavane,” “Emperor Jones,” and other important works. This tape includes footage from Mr. Hoving’s “Growing Up In Public,” performed at the American Dance Festival in 1989, along with teaching footage and personal recollections of his life in dance.

Anna SokolowADFV-2 Anna Sokolow

1992, DVD/VHS, 45 minutes $110

1991 Scripps/ ADF Award winner Anna Sokolow talks with ADF Co-Director Charles Reinhart about her life, her work with Louis Horst, Martha Graham, and her personal vision; also includes Ms. Sokolow teaching a master class at the American Dance Festival.

Donald McKayleADFV-3 Donald McKayle

1993, DVD/VHS, color, sound 55 minutes $110

1992 Scripps/ ADF Award winner Donald McKayle (presented by Maya Angelou) reconstructs “Games” on the Chuck Davis’ African American Dance Ensemble. Features step by step documentation of the creative process including rehearsals, interviews, and performance footage.

ADFV-4 Video/ Dance, Volume One

1992, DVD/VHS, 30 minutes $60

Two dances for the camera, directed by Douglas Rosenberg

The Mourning Kiss (Screened at the 1990 International Grand Prix Video Danse, Paris, France) “...a modified tango for two is arrested in time, accentuating physical gestures and their emotive possibilities. The use of an ever-wandering slow-motion technique suspends the desiring note of Susana Tambutti's choreography.” Steve Seid, Pacific Film Archive. “The images are cold, sharp, and clear.” Jack Anderson, New York Times. Commissioned by The American Dance Festival.

Yellow River (Hwang Ho) Screened at the 1992 Dance Screen, Frankfurt, Germany, the piece combines movement, gesture, text, and landscape imagery to tell a woman’s story of growing up Chinese in America. Choreographer Li Chiao-Ping recounts the stories, superstitions, and fables told to her as a child by her mother. “From the first delicate shots of rice falling, the piece engaged me.” Julia Reichart, juror, Charlotte Film and Video Festival.


ADFV-5 Dancing on The Edge, Volume One

1992, DVD/VHS, 45 minutes $60

Includes highlights from ADF performances by:

ADFV-6 Dancing on The Edge, Volume Two

1992, DVD/VHS, 45 minutes $60

Molissa FenleyIncludes highlights from ADF performances by:

ADFV-7 Ethel Butler

1993, DVD/VHS, 60 minutes $110

From 1933 through 1945, Ethel Butler was a member of the Martha Graham Dance Company. She went on to become a well-known teacher of the Graham Technique, counting among her students Paul Taylor and Dan Wagoner. In this piece, Ms. Butler talks about her life in dance and recounts her earliest memories of working with Martha Graham.

ADFV-8 Betty Jones

1993, DVD/VHS, 60 minutes $110

As a founding member of the José Limón Dance Company, Betty Jones created many now classic roles in both Limón’s and Doris Humphrey’s dances. The recipient of the 1993 ADF Distinguished Teaching Chair, Ms. Jones has been called “a leading authority on the Limón technique” and has influenced generations of dance teaching and young modern dancers. This piece documents her teaching and performing and includes recollections of a remarkable life in dance as told by Ms. Jones herself.

ADFV-9 Talley Beatty

1993, DVD/VHS, 60 minutes $110

Talley Beatty has had an illustrious career spanning six decades. He began studying with Katherine Dunham at the age of 11 and at 16 became a principal dancer in her company. His choreography has been performed by numerous companies including the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. Mr. Beatty was the recipient of the 1993 Scripps/ADF award. Also included is “A Study in Choreography For Camera” (1945), the seminal film by Maya Deren featuring Mr. Beatty.

ADFV-10 Daniel Nagrin

1993, DVD/VHS, 60 minutes $110

Daniel Nagrin has had a forty-year career as a dancer, choreographer, author, and teacher. Born in 1917 in New York City, Mr. Nagrin studied with Martha Graham, Anna Sokolow, Hanya Holm, and Helen Tamiris. He made his Broadway debut in 1945, but is best known for his solo work. In this tape, Mr. Nagrin speaks about his philosophy of dance and his experience as a dancer and choreographer. Also included are clips of some of Mr. Nagrin’s most important works.

ADFV-11 Erick Hawkins

1994, DVD/VHS, 60 minutes $110

After 54 years in dance, Erick Hawkins is an acknowledged master of modern dance. Alan Kriegsman of the Washington Post has called him “one of the genuinely great pioneers of American dance.” In this piece, Mr. Hawkins at the age of 83 speaks of his career, his life, and his collaborations with the composer Lucia Dlugoszewski. The piece features Mr. Hawkins teaching his company, excerpts from his work, and an interview with Ms. Dlugoszewski.

ADFV- 12 Eiko and Koma/ Land

1995, DVD/VHS, 60 minutes $110

In this videotape by director Douglas Rosenberg, the full-length piece “Land” has been restaged for the camera. Also included are interviews with Eiko and Koma in which they speak about their creative process and the creation of “Land”, which was co-commissioned by the Next Wave Festival, The American Dance Festival, and the Lied Center at the University of Nebraska.

ADFV-13 Mark Dendy

1996, DVD/VHS, 60 minutes $110

Mark Dendy is well known for his physically daring and energetic dances exploring such themes as gender, religion and other critical social issues. In this piece, which includes excerpts from his most well-known dances, Mr. Dendy, recipient of three consecutive NEA Fellowships, talks about what has shaped his life and influenced his work. 

ADFV-14 Trisha Brown

1996, DVD/VHS, 77 minutes $110

Trisha Brown has been hailed as “one of the true great experimentalists in modern dance.” Ms. Brown began her career in New York City as a member of Judson Dance Theater. Since forming her own company in 1971, she has received major commissions from foundations and festivals around the world.  In this piece, Ms. Brown, a recipient of the prestigious MacArthur Foundation Fellowship, speaks with Charles Reinhart about her life in dance.

ADFV-15 Steve Paxton

1996, DVD/VHS, 78 minutes $110

A former member of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company, Mr. Paxton is best known for his development of contact improvisation starting in 1972. He was a co-founder of the Judson Dance Theater and later the Grand Union and has been the recipient of a Bessie Award as well as grants from the NEA and Rockefeller Foundation. In this interview, Mr. Paxton speaks about his career since the 1960’s and his work with Cunningham, Trisha Brown, and others as well as his involvement with contact improvisation.

ADFV-16 Dancing on The Edge Vol. 3

1996, DVD/VHS, 30 minutes $60

New highlights from ADF performances by:

ADFV-17 Dancing on The Edge Vol. 4

1996, DVD/VHS, 30 minutes $60

New highlights from ADF performances by:

ADFV-18 With My Red Fires

DVD/VHS, 60 minutes $60

Doris Humphrey’s dance-drama of possessive and vindictive maternal love in a harshly ritualistic and demagogic society. The cast is led by Dalienne Majors, Nina Watt, and Raymond Johnson. Filmed at the American Dance Festival in 1972, the first film is an edited version with close-ups and the second is a record version of the same performance showing the entire stage. Transferred from the original 16 millimeter color film.

ADFV-19 New Dance

DVD/VHS, 60 minutes $110

Doris Humphrey’s modern dance classic of affirmation was choreographed in 1935 and features Linda Tarney and Peter Woodin. Filmed at the American Dance Festival in 1972, the first film is an edited version with close-ups and the second is a record version of the same performance showing the entire stage. Transferred from the original 16 millimeter color film.

ADFV-20 Emperor Jones

DVD/VHS, 52 minutes $60

A highly theatrical dance work based on Eugene O'Neill's play, “Emperor Jones” was choreographed in 1956 by Jose Limón. The cast is led by Clay Taliaferro and Edward DeSoto. The first film is an edited version with close-ups and the second is a record version of the same performance showing the entire stage. Transferred from the original 16 millimeter color film.

ADFV-21 Flickers

DVD/VHS, 38 minutes $60

A zany spoof of silent movie conventions and clichés choreographed in 1941 by Charles Weidman, the performance was directed by Weidman and filmed at the American Dance Festival in 1972. The first film on this tape is an edited version with close-ups and the second is a record version of the same performance showing the entire stage. Transferred from the original 16 millimeter color film.

ADFV- 22 Meredith Monk

1996DVD/VHS, 60 minutes $110

Meredith Monk is a composer, singer, filmmaker, and director/choreographer. This tape includes interviews and excerpts from performance. A pioneer in what is now called “extended vocal technique” and “interdisciplinary performance,” Ms. Monk has created more than 80 works of music, theater, dance, and film. A recipient of the MacArthur Foundation Fellowship, she has been acclaimed by audiences and critics as a major force in the performing arts. “When the time comes, perhaps a hundred years from now, to tally up the achievements in the performing arts during the last third of the present century, one name that seems sure to loom large is that of Meredith Monk. In originality, in scope, in depth there are few to rival her.” Alan M. Kriegsman, Washington Post

ADFV-23 Pauline Koner

1998, DVD/VHS, 60 minutes $110 (new release)

Pauline Koner is the recipient of the American Dance Festival’s 1998 Balasaraswati/Joy Ann Dewey Beinecke Chair for Distinguished Teaching. Dancer, teacher, choreographer, and author, Ms. Koner studied with Michel Fokine, Michio Ito, and Angel Cansino and performed her own solo concerts from 1930-1945. In 1935 Ms. Koner became the first American dancer officially engaged to appear in the U.S.S.R. She was a pioneer in dance for television, creating shows for CBS in 1945-46, and spent 15 years as a regular guest artist with the José Limón Company. This tape features interviews with Ms. Koner and excerpts from her most well-known choreography.

ADFV-24 Pilobolus

1997, DVD/VHS, 60 minutes $110 (new release)

This documentary, produced by University of North Carolina Public Television, offers an insightful look at the work of these modern dance originals. Since their earliest days, Pilobolus has been astounding and confounding audiences around the world with their particular brand of modern dance. The documentary features interviews with two of the artistic directors, Alison Chase and Michael Tracy, and complete multi-camera versions of “Walklyndon” (1971), “Aeros” (1996), “Solo From The Empty Suitor” (1980), and “Olympic Dances” (1997).

ADFV-25 through ADFV-29 Screendance Anthology:

Over the last few decades growing interest in screendance has cultivated the need for festivals that specifically focus on dance films. ADF Video’s Screendance Anthology shows a diverse collection of dance films that have been screened at the International Screendance Festival in Durham, North Carolina. The International Screendance Festival is directed by filmmaker, Douglas Rosenberg, and explores the ever-evolving relationship between dance and the screen. Starting in 2001 with Disk One, this collection provides a major survey of the trends and practices in screendance throughout the global dance community. Ranging from experimental to narrative, the Screendance Anthology offers a diverse and enticing collection of films.

ADFV-25 Disk One (2001-2005)

DVD, 60 minutes $110

Monte Cavlera (Director/Choreographer: Francesca N. Penzani)
Ghostworld (Director: Alex Geng; Choreographer: Siöned Watkins & Sarah Williams)
On a Wing and a Prayer (Director/Choreographer: Narelle Benjamin)
Neglect (Director/Choreographer: Dianne Reid)
Seeing Is… (Director/Choreographer: Keira Hart)
Codice Aperto (Open Code) (Director: Luca Scarzella; Choreographer Enzo Procopio)

ADFV-26 Disk Two (2006-2007)

DVD, 60 minutes, $110

Bittersweet (Director/Choreographer: David Rousséve)
Lineage (Director: Jody Oberfelder)
Greuw (Director: Chris Cameron)
Corps et Instruments (Director: Alex Geng; Choreographer: Danielle Desnoyers)
My Silhouette is Your Silhouette (Director: Chris Cameron)
Splice (Director/Choreographer: Christinn Whyte)
Sport: Sweat Sponge (Director/Choreographer: Kathleen Hahn)

ADFV-27 Disk Three (2007-2008)

DVD, 60 minutes, $110

Moebius (Director: Claudia Kappenberg)
Raven Study (Director/Choreographer: Charlotte Griffin)
The Shape of Water (Director: Cordelia Bavesford; Choreographer: Navelle Benjamin)
Conexiones (Director/Choreographer: Lidice Abreu)
Freedom (Director: Jeannette Ginslov; Choreographer: WGP Company)
Then/Now (Director/Choreographer: Simon Ellis)

ADFV-28 Disk Four (2008-2009)

DVD, 60 minutes, $110

Trace (Director/Choreographer: Christinn Whyte)
The Greater the Weight (Directors: Marlene Millar & Phillip Szporer; Choreographer: Dana Michel)
Palomas En El Atico (Pigeons in the Attic) (Director: Alejandro Velbuena; Choreographer: Juan Claudio)
Axis (Director: Gene Menger; Choreographer: Dee McCanless)
Stairwell (Director/Choreographer: Eran David P. Hanlon)
Project 52 (excerpts) (Director: Benoit-Swan Pouffer; Choreographers: Luca Veggetti, Jill Johnson, Ohad Naharin, Benoit-Swan Pouffer, Jo Str.mgren, Crystal Pite, Didy Veldman and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui)
Do You Like That? (Co-Creators: Greg Faller & William Kleinsasser; Choreographer: Susan Mann)

ADFV-29 Disk Five (2009)

DVD, 60 minutes, $110

En Cadena (Assembly Line) (Director: Hammudi Al-Rahmoun Font)
Little Ease [Outside the Box] (Director: Matt Tarr; Choreographer: Elizabeth Streb)
water burns sun (Director/Choreographer: Petra Kuppers)
Caminhada (Directors: Meghan McLyman & Eric Fisher; Choreographer: Meghan MyLyman)
She Sleeps (Cinematographer/Soundscape: Dianne Reid)
She (Director/Choreographer: Kathy Rose)
Head2Head (Director: David Mathias; Choreographer: Christina Towle)